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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Editing User Profile properties Cross Farm


2 farms:
Farm 1 (publishing farm (PF)):
Service applications (User profile and metadata services)

Farm 2 (consuming farm (CF)):
Webapplications (my.portal.nl webapplication).

I published all the services on the PF and succesfully made a connection to the service throughout the CF. The mysite host location is created under the my.portal.nl webapp.

Everything seems to work perfect. The only thing that doesn't work is the following: When I open the my site host and want to edit my profile properties all the fields that need keywords or metadata are not reachable. When I put the my site host location on the publishing farm --> IT WORKS....

I get the red error beneath every EMM field that says: "the service is temporarily disabled...."


When you create a connection for the metadata service between the PF and CF, SharePoint will not inherit the proxy properties of the publishing service application by default. So your connected proxy properties will not be checked (the most important ones are the two first options).

The first one you need to check if you want that this metadata service is the default one for storing keywords, the second one is necessary if you also want to make you service application default for storing fields that are connected to a field/property. The screen below shows the two options:

If you save this part by clicking <OK> you can directly fill in your properties in you user profile that are of the type metadata.

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