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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deploy InfoPath 2010 Forms with PowerShell

How to deploy Administrator Approved InfoPath 2010 forms with PowerShell....well it's pretty easy and it saves you a lot of work.

So: instead of publishing the form to the server (administrator approved publishing), send a question to your administrator to verify it and then wait till he/she uploaded it and deployed the solution and activated the feature on your site collection you can use the following commands:

Uninstall the existing solution (based on the from file name):
Uninstall-SPInfoPathFormTemplate -Identity Exampleform.xsn

Install the new solution (based on the from file name):
Install-SPInfoPathFormTemplate -Path C:\Form.xsn

Disable feature on site collection level
Disable-SPInfoPathFormTemplate -Identity "Form.xsn" -Site http://SPSite 

Enable feature on site collection level
Enable-SPInfoPathFormTemplate -Identity "Form.xsn" -Site "http://SPSite"  

Important note:
Make sure that you publish the xsn as follows:

  • Open the backstage in infopath after creating the form and click Server SharePoint:

  • Choose your site collection and click next

  •  Then Check that you must use the form throughout the browser and choose the last option (by administrator approved form) and click next

  • Choose a location (on your local machine or network drive) where to publish the xsn (not to SharePoint location!! because you cannot enter a sharepoint path in the cmdlet in PowerShell).

  • If you want to add columns to the sharepoint forms list or parameters, you can add them here from your InfoPath field list. Click next.

  •  Click publish and your xsn is published to your location. Now you can use the above PowerShell scripts to deploy the solution and activate the feature.

Werner and I did it again!!

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